Bikes, Brews and Bronuts.

Words and images by Kevin

As we said with our last ‘Destinations’ article: “You find some of the coolest places tucked away…”
this is true of our latest destination, a brand spanking new establishment just outside of Leeds city centre who are injecting a much needed twist into modern day coffee culture.

Bikes, brews and donuts.

Located off Kirkstall Road (A65) in the¬†Burley Court busines park, Temple is a perfect pit stop for bikers heading in and out of the city. Nobody wants to battle with city centre traffic, skirting around to find parking, then having to haul your gear around, pushing your way through the many consumers who are looking for their next retail hit. There is no need to put up with the stresses of the later because Temple is easy. It’s like being at home. Dismount your steed by the front door, lay your lid and jacket down, grab a much needed coffee and fill your face with one (or 6) of their unique and tasty donuts, before finally sliding into a comfy sofa. Relax mate, there is no rush.

The interior is clean and uncluttered punctuated by a huge pink feature wall, complete with it’s “Have A Good Time All Of The Time” neon. Words to live by and a true reflection of Nadine and Simon who run Temple. Everything in here is fun. Their signature “Sabbath” coffee which is blacker than black and their huge selection of (vegan and non-vegan) donuts, filled and glazed with combinations you will simply not see anywhere else. There is a plethora of these combinations which change on a daily basis. If you don’t get in there fast though, they WILL sell out, so we recommend getting down early and filling up before heading out to the Yorkshire Dales for a twisty ride.

It’s worth noting that Temple’s eccentric treatment of it’s coffees and donuts is not only fun but it’s also to be expected. I for one would be disappointed if it wasn’t like this. For example Nadine’s other venture is called “Red Temple Prayer”, who have an inspired collection of merchandise; “Be Excellent To Each Other” pin badges, coffee mugs with slogans like; “BLACK COFFEE” in the infamous Black Sabbath font and their “Everything Sucks, Except Coffee” mug, complete with an image Milo from the Descendents. There are also pillow cases and tees available here, adorning Simon’s unique tattoo art. Simon also has several other ventures, he is a tattooist and runs Slower Repo; offering up runs of humorous old school chop/bike culture tees and patches. If you are easily offended or don’t have a sense of humor, Slower Repo ain’t for you.

With all that in mind, you know there is not a chance you’d bump into a ‘stiff as a board’ banker or middle management jobsworth here. You’ll be rubbing shoulders with like minded people who simply want to have fun. Those who enjoy their life, don’t take things too seriously and those who don’t buy into the conformist culture.

So with that, as the late great Freddie Mercury once said: “Get on your bikes and ride!”
Temple Coffee Leeds, Unit 3, Burley Court, Burley Place, Kirkstall, Leeds, LS4 2AR